Bangin’ Banjo Tasting Club

Bangin’ Banjo Tasting Club

There have been whispers at the brewery, and we are proud to announce it’s finally here. Bangin’ Banjo Brewing Tasting Club subscriptions are finally for sale and you can begin using your subscriptions in April!


What is the tasting club you may ask? It’s a subscription-based membership that allows members to come in every month to claim 2 flights and a growler(crowlers when we get them!) or bottle to go! Subscriptions are available in 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month packages. Ranging from $27/month to $20/month dependent on the length of your subscription

Upon signing up, you get to choose which month to start in! So, if you buy yours on our online store, make sure you select to begin your month in April! They are also available for sale in the tasting room.

Some bottles and beer releases to look forward to are:

  • Perry’s Pineapple Cinnamon Gose
  • Coconut Creamsicle Cream Ale
  • Chocolate Banana Milkshake Imperial Milk Stout
  • A collaboration beer with Pompano Beach’s newest brewery,  Odd Breed Wild Ales
  • Chardonnay Barrel Aged Lady Luck Saison
  • Chocolate Covered Peanut Porter
  • Johnny B. Gourd Pumpkin Coconut Ale and many more!

There are a few rules and terms so please make sure to read below for full details:

As part of your monthly Tasting Club subscription, you will receive:

-2 six beer flights per month ($20 value).

-1 bottle (or 32 oz. growler) & fill of any of our available offerings per month ($13-$25 value dependent on the beer).
Make sure you select which month you’d like to begin your subscription. If we are in April 2017 and you select June, your subscription will begin in June 2017. If you were to select March, the subscription would begin in March 2018.

-Your flights can be used at any time during the month. You can use them in separate instances. For example, redeem one flight in the beginning of the month, and use your second flight at the end of the month. Your flights do not accrue month to month, and if you don’t use them or claim them you lose them. If you begin a 3 membership in June, but are not able to redeem your flights in the month of June, you will not be able to claim your June flights in July (You will have your July flights, of course).

-You are entitled to any bottle or growler & fill that is available when you choose to claim your bottle. This includes all bottle releases. If you do not claim your bottle during the month, you may choose to claim your bottle at a later date. You may accrue unclaimed bottles throughout and after your subscription to be used a later point in time. For example, you have a 3 month membership beginning in June, but will not be able to claim your bottle in July, you can claim your bottles in August, or at a later date.

-Bottles or growlers cannot be obtained in advance.

-If you chose to claim a 32 oz. growler instead of a bottle, it includes the growler.

-We will not hold any bottles, beer or growlers for anyone.

-We reserve the right at our discretion to limit the number of duplicate bottles you may pickup or accrue to 4. For example, you subscribe to 6 months, but want to claim your bottles at a bottle release at the end of your subscription, we can limit the number of duplicate bottles you pick up to 4, and you may claim different bottles or growlers, of course.

-You may choose to substitute a 16 oz pour of a beer instead of a flight but no lost monetary value will be redeemable as part of that substitution.

-If your subscription ends and you still have unclaimed bottles you have up to 3 months to claim your bottles. After 3 months, you forfeit the right to claim your bottles.

-Your membership subscription is non-transferable and the subscriber must be present to claim any unclaimed flights or bottles.

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