We’re officially a brewery!

We’re officially a brewery!

When we decided we were going to open up a brewery, we had the slimmest of ideas what we were getting ourselves into. We began looking for a location back in February and finally signed a lease in October. Finally, as of Friday we are officially Pompano Beach’s first craft microbrewery having received our certificate of completion.

We still need to receive our license from the state to operate our tasting room, but we’re almost there. We’re about a month away, give or take a week. There is still plenty of work to do, and there will be plenty more afterwards. There are still financial challenges, learning curves, and the problem of not having enough time in a day to get it all done. However, this is no different than any other business.

While it’s not time to celebrate yet, we wanted to take a moment out to thank the following people:

Our immediate family and friends, you guys have stood by us since day one. No matter how irritable or cranky we got you all gave us an immeasurable amount of support on a day to day basis. We appreciate that.

Our partners for believing in us. You guys gave us the opportunity to follow our dreams.

Everyone in the brewing/craft beer industry. We’ve barely made five batches and since day one, every single person we’ve met in the industry has been kind, sharing, cooperative, and most importantly supportive.

Finally, our fans and followers. Seeing you guys at the various events giving us encouraging words have been that extra little motivation that got us through some of the longer days here.


We look forward to seeing everyone when we open our tasting room to the public.

Below is a gallery of construction pictures we’ve taken throughout the process the last ten months. They are in no specific order.





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